Try This Tuesday #19: How Do You Get Your Child To Sleep?

Try This Tuesday

When I asked a couple of weeks ago for any issues you would like some input on from other readers of 5MFSN, I got this one from Gail at Challenges and Adventures. She has a question regarding her son who just turned 11.

Hi Trish,

I would love to pose this question to other moms: how do you get your child to sleep? what routine do you use? and with a child who has a sleep disorder, how do you get them to sleep early enough without sabotaging them and having them wake up at 4 in the morning!

Right now my son goes to bed between 10-10:30 and wakes up at 7am. I would love to have him go to bed earlier. He takes meds to get him to sleep and stay asleep, but he often fights sleep.

Thanks, Gail

My son has had his own issues with sleep, and we were very fortunate to see much improvement once we had implemented the GFCF Diet and also started melatonin supplementation (both with the help and advice of his doctor). However, what helped Michael will not necessarily work for another child, so it would be wonderful if we could all share our ideas so that Gail (and the many others who are wishing for more sleep!) will have some things to try.

You can leave your suggestions in the comments on this post, or feel free to post them on your own blog and sign the Mr. Linky with the blog post link – put (sleep) in the title so they are easy to find.

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