Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

This week, Cooking for Special Needs is talking recipe roundup. Not sure what your holiday meal plans are yet? Whether you’re working on Thanksgiving—or any other holiday entertaining—planning a GFCF menu can be tricky. Fortunately there are many resources on the internet for holiday meal planning. One thing I found overwhelming when my family first started on this journey was trying to make two versions of everything for my family and guests. After one rather unfortunate holiday when I found myself making two multi-course dinners at the same time (and boy, was that tough), I decided to keep it simple. I make an entirely GFCF menu that appeals to all my dinner guests; my relatives don’t notice that the gluten and casein are missing, which is a huge relief.

Here are some great links for all your Thanksgiving cooking needs. As always, review recipes carefully for potential allergens (gluten, casein, eggs, soy, etc.) to keep your loved ones happy and healthy.

Gluten-Free Goddess: Thanksgiving Recipes & Tips for Gluten-Free and More In addition to lots of delicious recipes, Karina offers lots of helpful hints for making substitutions in your favorite family recipes.

Gluten-Free Girl: Gluten-Free Thanksgiving, 2008 Shauna includes several favorite recipes, some exciting new dishes to try, and helpful hints for a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

Ginger Lemon Girl: An Easy Gluten Free Thanksgiving Menu with Recipes Not only does Carrie include a menu and recipes, but she even includes a shopping list and cooking timetable. Gotta love that!

Gluten Free By the Bay: Sample Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Menus There are three wonderful menus here, including traditional, vegetarian, and GFCF (and, in the case of this particular menu, also kosher).

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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