*Tap, Tap!* Where has my funny gone?!

I usually crack myself up on a daily basis. In fact? I use humor A LOT to get through the tough days in my house. I think I get THAT gene from my Dad. He’s a practical joker and hilarious joke teller. I am so relieved that Jillian, at the ripe old age of 2, already treats HER life with humor.

Case and point: I was sitting in my chair, minding my own business, probably browsing the internet and Jillian says “LOOK, MOMMY! I WALKING!” and I look up and say “Really, Jillian! Show me!” then she starts giggling hysterically and says “I so silly. I don’t walk!” I posted it on my facebook when it happened. Some of my friends were sad for her. I’m not sad for her! I feel that if Jillian has a sense of humor about things, then, I should be allowed to as well.

I had the chance to attend Blissdom Canada, and at the time I was having a rheumatoid arthritis flare. My lovely friend Nolie had to help me in and out of my bathing suit for a spa party we attended. (If that’s not true friendship, then I don’t know what is!) So, when we were getting our belongings, Nolie called me “special” I said “Nah. I know special. I have a special needs kid” EVERYONE that was in the change room turned to stare at me. Talk about awkward! I hadn’t even been there 12 hours and already I was tasting my sock from sticking my foot in my mouth. It was funny. 2 days before I left for the conference, I read a post by Ellen from Love That Max asking other special needs parents if we used humor as a way to cope. And I do. OFTEN. Even though I felt like a speck of dirt on the floor, I realized I wouldn’t take it back. I wasn’t making fun of the fact that she has a disability, I was just being lighthearted. The first conference day, I held my breath. No one had mentioned the comment. Phew. Off the hook for now. On Friday, as we were finishing up, we had some round table discussions. I spoke at one point and the girls beside me said “OH! MY! GOD! You’re the one who made fun of her special needs child!” Again, I felt VERY small. But yet again, this is my life and sometimes I need to laugh, or else I’d cry all the time.

Jillian as been speaking sentences since she was about 19-20 months old. (we are VERY fortunate that she doesn’t have any cognitive issues) ¬†we find it quite funny. Adam says she’s going to be one of those know it all kids in a wheel chair. Hopefully we’ll ditch the wheelchair and keep the know it all.

(This face is formally known as the “I’m going to take over the world” .)

Lately? Her favourite things to say are: “Are you bugging me?” (then usually continued until she names every member of our family) “Will you read me this story?” (this phrase can be heard eleventy billion times a day) and “I want chicken and fries”. Also? “Where’d my juice go?!” It is especially funny when Lauren tries to talk for Jillian (which would usually benefit Lauren) and Jillian corrects herself. Jillian is also a very good tattle tale and does it often!

So, tell me. What funny things have your kids done regarding their disability or otherwise? I can’t wait to hear them!

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