From Webster’s Dictionary:
broth⋅er  /ˈbrʌðər or, for 9, ˈbrʌðˈɜr/ Show Spelled [bruhth-er or, for 9, bruhth-ur]<br />–noun<br /><br />1.a male offspring having both parents in common with another offspring; a male sibling.

From Townsend Family Dictionary

Olivia’s Brothers:

The perfect, built-in best friend

One who provides unconditonal love and support even after you pinch them and kick them 1,000 times

A person who, even at the age of 3, tells their sister “You did it, Sissy! I am so proud of you!!

One who, after school, picks you up in a big bear hug, swings you around and around, and carries you around the house while you giggle

One who will put on your bib for you at dinner and pull out your chair

One who will grab their sleeping bag and come watch a movie with you in your room…even if it involves a princess

Boy who has to be in a separate class from you, not because he wants to, but because he would worry about you too much and forget about himself

A person who lets their Mom talk to their class about your sister because it makes it easier to understand…and who also answers their friends’ questions

Boys who stand up for you in all situations

Boys who include you in all activities, even playing board games, even though you don’t always cooperate

A person who teaches you how to teeter-totter, swing and ride your bike

One who has completely embodied empathy and sweetness from the day he was born

Boys who love you for you, no matter what.

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