bringing healing

**This post is from my blog, Thoughts from Holland. With our current adoption picking up speed, I went back and re-read posts from the days after we brought my two year old home. I worry about Will with each change we make in our family, whether it is adding a child or simply changing the routine. This post reminds that eventually, the dust will settle and all will be okay.

If you know me in real life, you have probably heard me say that adopting N into our family has brought about healing for my husband and I in so many ways. Ways that I can not always put into words exactly, but still powerful.

I could tell you how knowing that C has a sister who will forever share that special bond makes me smile. Or, how knowing that Will has two sisters to love on him makes me teary. Or, how parenting a child after special needs makes me feel carefree.

But that’s not what this post is about today.  It is about the healing I receive each day by watching N push Will to be more, to do more. To engage in sibling rivalry. To make sure his voice is known in our home. To befriend a sibling he didn’t really want around in the beginning. All because she doesn’t see him as different.  She sees him as an older brother. To bother, to pick on, to play with, to hold hands with.

There will come a day when N realizes that Will is different from other kids his age. That’s okay with me. In the meantime, she doesn’t cater to him as my older child does. She doesn’t give up toys or the movie selection on family movie night. No, she fights him to the bitter end.

Someday, she’ll still fight. I believe with all of my heart she’ll fight for him.  I can see it in her eyes. This is HER brother. The one that the Lord gave her.

Thank you Lord, for trusting me with these three precious blessings. I am thankful every day to be their mother!

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