Bumper Stickers

Wednesday, I was driving my daughter to swim team practice.

At a stop light, I looked up and the car in front of me had about  37 bumper stickers on the back of it.

(I am not a fan of bumper stickers. I think it has something to do with the fact that I once spent the better part of a day scrubbing stickers off a car…you know, because I was the one that gave them to a toddler to play with so I could drive and not sing “Roxanne” (yes, THAT Roxanne) for the 70 bazillionth time.)

As I perused them, it dawned on me that these people were merely bumper sticker junkies! They had everything from “I hiked the highest mountain in Saskatchewan” to “I’m a meatatarian” to “My kid made honor roll at Momma Jane’s Preschool!”

That’s how we are sometimes too, isn’t it?

We’re label junkies.

I spoke with a lady on the phone yesterday and she asked me what was wrong with Jack. I told her “Oh, he’s got CP, but a myriad of other assorted diagnoses!”

I should have said–“Baby, there’s nothing WRONG with my child! He’s fantastic. However, if you must know, he’s been diagnosed as having___________.”

I pictured, then, the back of my car…the bumper stickers it would have (even though it never will) if I had one for all of Jack’s “stuff!”

—Got G-Tube?

— Aphasia is not a continent.

—My CP doesn’t look like everyone else’s

—EnigmaMan inside…

Let’s start this weekend off with a smile….

What would your bumper sticker say?

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