Filling Their Hearts With The Lights Of The Season

One of my favorite pieces of the holiday season is the lights and the sparkle, warmth and wonder they bring. I try to remember the awe I had as a child while watching my children’s eyes widen as we pass by in the early stages of the evenings. Since we aren’t usually out late, I’ve been making a point to take my kids out at night once a week for a treat of the nighttime twinkles.

Thrilled I am that J enjoys the lights too. They mesmerize him. Whether a single strip of blue adorns the trunk of a tree, rows of trees are wrapped in rainbow of candy colors, or plastic lighted deer turn their heads to watch us go by, I find myself peering in the rear view mirror watching his eyes absorb this winter wonder. Sometimes it feels as though I can literally see his heart fill with all the magic the season brings.

Though this isn’t the most magnificent, I wanted to share one of the more fun displays we found on one of our adventures. I hope you and your kids enjoy this too. Happy Holidays!

Do you go out to see the light displays around you?

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