Going to the Movies

Traditionally on extended holiday breaks, one (or both) of the grandmas suggest taking the kids to a movie. It is one of those activities that makes me cringe inside because I’m never quite sure how Will is going to behave once we get there. Sometimes I opt out all together or just send the girls.

You see….at home, he stands 12 inches from the screen with repeated reminders to sit down, and he runs from the room and hides when he sees something that is scary or when someone is getting hurt. He loves movies. On his terms.

But, I’ve been more brave lately. His ability to follow directions has improved greatly and he’s much calmer overall. He’s done much better in situations out in public.

So, yesterday we went to see Yogi Bear at the theater with a grandparent, two sisters, two cousins, and myself. Overall, it was a success. I don’t think he enjoyed it nearly as much as he would have if it were animated, but he only had to be removed from the theater once for a reminder. 

The next time I go, I might just take him to a sensory friendly film at AMC theaters. One Saturday of every month, they have a special showing reserved just for kids with sensory issues. They dim the lights less, turn the sound down a bit, and guests are welcome to get up and move around. Click here for a list of participating theaters.

It was really nice being able to go to the movies with family, and it says a lot about how far we’ve come on this journey. Still, going to see a movie without sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time sounds even better, doesn’t it? We might just go a bit more often.

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