Tis the season…

When we’re at the store, my son and I, I wonder what people think. Sometimes they tell you exactly what they think, ready or not here it comes. 

 It’s apparent that my son has a physical disability, the wheelchair is a clear give away, but sometimes we don’t heave and hoe that into the vehicle. Sometimes my back doesn’t allow it to happen. My son is 6 years old, he does not have wonderful neck control, but he has good neck control! He’ll lift his head as long as your talking to him or singing to him. So yes we do sing all around the stores. At the very least we HUM. This time of year, or any time actually, we Hum Christmas carols. When my son was born and spent his time in NICU, we sang him christmas song in the NICU. The nurses would laugh, as it was only August/September. The funny part is he gets excited as soon as he recognizes the songs…and it doesn’t take long. He’d probably be awesome at name that tune if he could communicate it…or even Muzak on the elevators would be a ball with him. You have to admit that sometimes those songs get stuck in your head for days. 

But as we do walk around the stores singing or humming, you see peoples faces. Some just look at you like you have issues, others just smile and then you have the ones that tell you like it is. Come what may, I don’t do the singing to entertain anyone but my son. He’s the one that suffers through the shopping experience with me. Often in his wheelchair, being pushed by me and a cart pulled from behind much like a train. So when you see our little convoy…It may look complicated and you may think oh lets get out of this aisle ASAP. Really we’ll only be there momentarily, enjoy the music (even if it’s out of tune), and just think what you are capible of doing if you set your mind to it… You’d be amazed what you can do with one hand free.

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