Merry Christmas!

As I said last week, Jillian gave me one of the best Christmas presents ever. It even was better than my easy bake oven! That being said, I did have a very nice holiday with my family! It is a very weird year this year, only because we usually fly to Nova Scotia on Boxing Day and spend some time with Adam’s family (and a few of my family and friends too!) But, alas, we’re spending our first whole holiday in Toronto. So far? It’s great. It’s been a nice change from frantically packing after Christmas dinner for our trip.

I let myself take a walk down memory lane. We are trying to start our new family traditions as well as some fun ones from Adam and my childhood. One thing that we started was matching PJ’s for the girls on Christmas Eve. Case and point? Christmas 2008-

Wow. Jillian was so tiny! She was only 7 lbs for her first Christmas!! (And someone made a comment recently that I’m too neurotic about germs… Since Jillian was born premature, she still has a compromised immune system. What a cold is for US, could mean a hospitalization or pneumonia for HER. So yes. I am still anal about germs)

Christmas 2009

awwww. Aren’t they the cutest!?

And 2010

This year was a very good year for us, especially since Jillian “got” Christmas this year. Last year she was overwhelmed and I think she enjoyed this year a lot more!

One of the things that put a damper on our holiday was that we went to see Adam’s grandparents for supper. I force myself to go every year, and practically bite my tongue the whole time. I really don’t know what I ever did to ┬ámake them hate me, but oh well. I mentioned that I had to go to Newfoundland for a funeral. Adam’s grandmother said “Oh, that was nice of Adam to LET you go” Um. What? I don’t need permission! Of course I ran it by him, but still! Then Adam’s grandmother actually was SHOCKED that I know how to put dishes away. Ooooooook. It was also implied in passing that I should send Jillian to a special needs school since “they know how to handle that stuff” Really? Because Jillian took steps last week and that was all of Jillian’s and my hard work. We haven’t had any therapies since August. Luckily, since I don’t really have a relationship with ┬ámy parents, my mother in law and I get along well. I even wrote to her on facebook from under the table. Unfortunately, she knows how I feel. I know some people are old fashioned and “thick headed” but comeon!!! I just get so tired of it!!

So, now that I covered THAT, how was your Christmas? Do you have any special traditions with your family??

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