A Toy Story

Over the years, many of Precious’ toys have been of the developmental nature. Toys younger than her actual age. We’ve kept a lot of the toddler toys in the house even though Precious turned 5 recently because she still has trouble with them sometimes and we can use them as teaching aids.

As the third of three kids, Precious hardly needs any new clothes or toys, but that doesn’t stop us from getting her something special on days like Christmas or her birthday. She doesn’t need much but, of course, we still spoil her.

This year, she got a ton of gifts including some candy, chocolate, ear muffs, a scarf, a shirt, and some teaching toys. She also got a Dora Wii game. She gets upset when she can’t be in charge of the Wii when her older brother is playing games. Most of his games are too hard for her, but he lets her hold a remote and that satisfies her or she actually thinks she is playing; I’m not sure which.

She can play Wii bowling, which is great fun for the whole family since she can be involved. Since she now has her own Wii game, we have told her that she will be in charge when we are playing that game. She will get the #1 controller – the one that leads everyone else. I’m really hoping this game is age-appropriate for her. We haven’t tried it yet, but based on the box, it looks like it shouldn’t be too hard. After all, Dora usually appeals to the 2-4 year-olds and that includes Precious developmental age.

At my mom’s place for Christmas dinner last night, Precious got a play jewelry set with earrings, a bracelet and a necklace. I think that was her favourite gift as the first thing out of her mouth when I went into her room this morning was “where my earrings?”

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