New Groove

I need a sabbatical. I know from time to time we all need a break. I’ve taken to calling this much needed break a sabbatical. 

You see life got turned upside down in August. My mom entered the hospital with what we thought was going to be pneumonia but spent 2 weeks inpatient getting a diagnosis of Stage IV Lung Cancer. My heart sunk and hasn’t been the same since. During her stay, my son got sick with pancreatitis from a medication he was on for seizures and ended up inpatient also. He was in 4 days during her 14 days. It was hard and horrible! My mom was upset, she has always been my rock. I could count on her to come to the hospital and sit with my son so I could run down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Now I had to rely on phone calls to her hospital and short visits. I was split between two hospitals that luckily are only blocks apart. I even made phone calls to her friends to let them know what was going on, those were the hardest phone calls of my life! 

So because Life has taken over and now has control of the vehicle we have known as the roller coaster of life, we have not been to therapy for my son since the end of July. I’d like to say I miss it, but I don’t. I miss the therapists but I don’t miss running out the door at 7:30 to get to our appointments at 8. I do prefer morning appointments as nobody is far behind yet if you’re the first 🙂  a quick secret I learned early on. early in the morning or right after lunch we are in there. I feel bad that we haven’t gone to therapies, yet I’m not ready to go back. Since I homeschool my son, I do a lot of, what I consider, therapy at home. Today we had to go to the hospital for my son’s Botox Injections and Nerve Blocks. We’ve been needing them since before Christmas and today finally was our appointment. Yahoo! He did marvelous, the doctor that did the injections and nerve blocks gave me forms to give to the therapists, with the understanding that there was no preasure to return to therapies…we could do that when we’re ready to go back. So she understood we’re not there yet. Thank you for understanding and not making me feel like a heal for not taking him to therapies.

Sometimes it just feels like one more thing really? are you serious? do you ever feel like your going to hibernate and not come out until whenever? Ok so we still  need to take care of our families and we for the most part wouldn’t change that but sometimes you just need a sabbitical.

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