Prepping for a Trip Away

Oy. My husband and I leave in about a month to travel to China so that we can complete our adoption. While the kids are in good hands with grandparents, I still worry and feel guilty about this.

When we adopted my youngest from Vietnam, the trip took about 2 weeks. This┬átrip will be similar. My son, Will, was four at the time, and I don’t think he really understood what was going on. I wonder if he didn’t think we left him entirely. In fact, I can still remember the look on his face when he saw us walk through the security gates at the airport….he kissed us both all over and wouldn’t let go. While we were gone last time, he also became sick with scarlet fever and needed a doctor visit or two.

This time around, both sets of grandparents are seasoned. Will is easier to care for in many ways, not least of all his eating. He no longer requires his feeding tube for foods – only meds. He enjoys going out to movies, and he entertains himself at home for the most part. He is potty trained. (Except for some issues with “number 2” which is a whole different post altogether!)

What breaks my heart and causes me to worry then? I’m still not sure he’s going to understand. At all.

How do I explain this trip to him? The answer is….I don’t know. In my heart, I know he’ll be taken care of and things will be okay. He loves his grandparents and is comfortable with them. The thought of what he might actually be thinking is what kills me.

For the moment, I’m keeping myself busy with tasks that need to be done, which is the way I seem to cope with things and hoping for the best when the time comes.

Assuming all technology works as it should, we’ll be writing about our journey at my blog, Thoughts from Holland.

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