Sunday, January 2, 2011…

My beloved grandmother (everyone in my whole world knew her as “Non”) unexpectedly, tragically, died. She was my biggest supporter and truly one of my best friends.

So many thoughts ran through my head….

Was my family going to be upset because we couldn’t travel?

Was my mom going to be able to forgive me?




Non never asked why. Never. She attributed every single thing that happens in the world to God’s will.

When it came to Jack, the only thing that truly upset her was the g-tube. She hated that thing. 🙂

My question now is…why?

Why aren’t we all like Non? Why are we so quick to point out the bad, and ignore the good? Why do we follow blogs and read things that don’t matter to our hearts? Why do we support people who use disabilities to further their own agendas? Why do we see other SN mom’s out and about and simply smile, but we don’t stop and introduce ourselves?

This all hit me as I was teaching my students. We were talking about taking care of patients who have disabilites. I spoke of how you do not treat them differently, you simply treat them as you would any other patient.



We need to be supporting each OTHER. Me writing here does nothing but spout off words about how life is. I don’t get to know anyone.

My vow…and I promise…this year, I am stopping this vast world of not knowing. I am going to read blogs of people who matter to me (that would be YOU). I want to get to know YOU.

Help me…get to know YOU.

And you, please…welcome to my world, I’m glad you’re my friend.

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