Why I Love it When My Kids Are Sick

Mommies always feel badly when their little ones are sick. Even when they aren’t so little anymore, it’s natural to feel badly when you have a child who’s under the weather. And while I feel helpless and sad that my boys don’t feel well, I have a little confession to make: I secretly enjoy it when they are sick.

It might make me sound like a BAD MOMMY but it’s true. I’m just being real here, y’all. Allow me to explain:

My boys never stop moving. As in, never, ever. They NEVER STOP MOVING. They are on the go from dusk til dawn. And then some. Words that come to mind? Whirling Dervish. Spinning Top. Tennis Match (back and forth and back and forth). Energizer Bunny. They aren’t just busy boys. They don’t just have tons of energy. Even when they are asleep, they are moving and going. ADHD much?

Let’s just say Mommy is a wee bit exhausted. Like, always.

So when they are sick? They don’t move. If my kids are sitting, they aren’t feeling well. If they are on the couch, staring at the ceiling, glazed over with their mouths hanging open? Might have to call the doc or go to the ER. It’s literally the only time they stop. Fevers are a godsend around here. They are quiet and still. Mommy gets a break.

Snuggly under the covers

But the best part of them being sick? They allow me to cuddle them. Kiss them. Hug them. Love on them as much as I want. They want me to wrap my arms around them and hum and sing. They want me to read to them and listen to music. They want to climb under the covers of our bed and fall asleep in my arms. They want me to pay attention to them. To touch them and take care of them.

That’s not how it usually is around here. I mean, they like me. I guess. But the less interference from Mommy, the better. They just like to do their own thing most of the time. You know, Autism and stuff.

But when they are sick? It’s Mommy’s time.

Best time there is.

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