What’s the Name of That Song?

Do you walk around the house with kids songs in your head and can’t get them out? Do your kids sing songs that you recognize but can’t think of the real words to? Here are some websites you can go to that will help you find those lyrics and tunes.

Kiddles claims to be ‘the best in children’s music.’ ┬áThere are songs to listen to, lyrics to read, song sheets to print, music sheets for the most popular songs, and activity sheets for some songs. To access many of the areas, you have to provide an email address and gain a password.

BUSSONGS has many nursery rhymes and preschool songs, as well as holiday songs. They are categorized in themes. You are able to download the songs in a midi file and print the lyrics.

This website has an alphabetical listing of songs. Apparently, they must be songs that are commonly used in schools, hence the ‘teacher’ title of the website.

The NIEHS website has the tunes and the lyrics, but there is no one singing the songs for you. There are all the typical children songs, as well as patriotic songs, holiday songs, and songs from movies.

Being a music therapist, I constantly have a song running through my head. Often times, I will think of a few words in the lyrics and google them to find the title. Most of the time, it doesn’t take much to get the right song! Even with students who have poor language or articulation, when I can get a few words of the song they are trying to ask me to sing or listen to, I can find the correct one by googling it!

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