Ian’s No-Good, Terrible Week

It was a long weekend anyway and we braced ourselves for it. Then we had super-duper crappy weather on Tuesday, when the kids were supposed to go back to school. Which meant that the two-hour delay turned into a day off. Drat. (I said more choice words, but this is a family-friendly site, so I offer you the censored version: *&%$#@!*!!!!!!)

Poor Ian gets off schedule just being home for two days on the weekend. The busier I keep him the better he does. I schedule music therapy for him on Saturday mornings and invent errands and such to do in the afternoons. If the weather is good, we are out playing, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline and making him tired. But when the weather is crappity, he doesn’t sleep well. He also doesn’t like snow so it’s not like he’ll go out in a play in it or anything. And then there was that extra day off. And then the day off from the snow/ice day. So there was less sleep. And more caffeine for me. And more for him, since he stole a can of coffee and shoveled down several handfuls (OH NO HE DI’INT. OH YES HE DID!). Ew. So I thought, well, he takes a stimulant, how bad could it be?

Turns out it can be pretty bad. Might as well have given him crack, he was so off-the-wall all night. He was up screaming and biting himself for hours. He acted like he was trying to crawl out of his own skin. Nothing I did for him made him happy. Nothing. Two hours of sleep and then suddenly, at the time I normally wake him for school, he snapped out of it. Perfect gentleman. Got his bookbag and waited by the door for his bus. So I sent him. And then I slept all day.

And he did ok at school. But then he came home and bit himself silly. Then today at school he bit himself silly. When the behavior specialist at school called to get some hints as to why the SIBs were so freaking high this week, I thought about it.

-lack of sleep? Check.

-caffeine withdraw? CHECK.

-full moon? Apparently. Check.

-off schedule? Check.

-BMs off because of his fabulous eating habits? CHECK.

-Not eating much because of his BM issues? Check.

-Not taking his meds or drinking much? Check.

-itchy skin from allergic psoriasis from stealing food he isn’t allowed to have? Check.

-Mommy who has been unable to do as much as usual due to major back injury? Check.

-Less activity because he hates snow and won’t go outside? Check.

Poor kid. He’s so off this week. We have good ones and bad ones and this week, well, let’s just hope next week is an improvement for him. And me. Because Momma needs some sleep, yo.

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