We Got the Funk

I had a whole post ready to go about Peyton’s upcoming surgery later this week. She’s supposed to be getting her port removed and the post told of my anxiety, her excitement, and all the changes having that port out would mean….and NOT mean.

But in the course of minutes, the surgery has been postponed and we are off to deal with PINK EYE.

No kidding. Surgery cancelled for pink eye.

I suppose I get that. With an immune system that’s been supressed as long as Peyton’s, no one would want to chance going into surgery with any sort of known bacterial infection.

But STILL. Dude, its pink eye.

Lots of itchy, irritable, gunky, eye boogery goodness.

That’s it.

Can I just tell you how COOL it is to have life inconvenienced in such an inconsequential way. No rushing around hoping that this infection won’t be life-threatening. I haven’t even felt her for a fever yet, which is UNHEARD of in my third circle of crazy.

It would appear that I actually AM making strides in my new role as an out-of-treatment-mom.

I would love to write more, but I’m off to duct tape Peyton’s arms to her side so she’ll quit rubbing her funk all over the place.

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