She Is Their Best Friend

She is their best friend.

I see it in their faces, hear it in their play, watch it in the way they fight over the smallest piece of junk, determined that their need to treasure this particular item is deeper than the other. Then, just as easily, one gives in. One notices the tears of the other. One cares, changes priorities and ‘makes it right’. It doesn’t matter which. For this piece of maturity, this piece of learning of life, they take turns.

I see the parade. The follow the leader, one after the other. Without clothing, rounding corners, in a line, little dances with arms swinging, rambling of words put together for the sheer pleasure of the momentum from their lips. Laughing. Giggles. What comes next?

Games played. Imaginations shared. Sometimes sweet. Always playful. Though she changes the nature of her play to match the brother she shares her time with. Dinosaurs and Dragons for one, combined with chase for the extension of excitement. Playful arguments over who’s Buzz Lightyear, who’s the Princess and what that means in this days play for the other.

She seems to know what they need, these brothers – one on the spectrum, the other to be evaluated. What happiness can be brought out. She is their fun. She is their sister.

She is their best friend.
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(Photo By: Elstudio / Flickr)

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