A conversation with myself…

I catch myself…staring out the window at the way the sun reflects off the wet grass, or how the moon seems to look like a smiley face tonight. My mind wanders and I think….(what should I cook for dinner, I need gas in the car, we’re out of diapers, my parents arrive on Friday, there’s a birthday next week, oh my gosh the Valentine’s…)

And then….

I have these deepĀ conversations with myself.

“I wish I could take away his pain and agony…I wish I could show him the world…I am angry at the way things are happening…I hate the way this (or that) is happening…”

And then, this tiny voice from somewhere inside of me tells me to shut up!

No one walks the mile in my moccasins except me.

I am entitled to a bad day once in awhile. (* note: if the bad days are all encompassing and far too often, it may be time to talk to someone–I speak from experience)

I am also allowed to feel. To love. To champion. To change.

It is up to me (and my inner voice) to get up each day and make the decision to complain or be content.

Frankly, friends, I would rather look back on the life I have given my son (and daughter for that matter), and remember enjoying each and every moment–rather than to remember miserable moments of sadness andĀ complaint.

Have a conversation with yourself—that tiny voice can often shape the person you truly are inside and out.

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