Sometimes? I secretly hoped for Downs.

I really love meeting other parents that have kids with special needs. I like people in general, but it is so nice to find another mom who can have empathy with certain areas of special needs children. I have just “met” Ellen, who blogs at- Stumbo Family Story. Ellen has 2 children with special needs. A daughter with Cerebral Palsy and a daughter with Downs Syndrome. We began asking each other questions and we talked through out most of the day on Saturday.

When our first problem with Jillian arose at 12 weeks, I was nervous. My maternal serum screening test came back with higher than normal indicators for chromosomal defects, including spina bifida and downs syndrome. Obviously, in my heart of hearts, I hoped Jillian wouldn’t have any chromosomal defects.

However, while I waited for the results of my amniocentesis, I secretly wished that if Jillian had any chromosomal defects, she would have downs. I felt that downs was a special need I could handle.

I’ve always been aware of special needs. I used to volunteer in the special education room when I was in grade 7. I also made friends who had double leg braces in the 2nd grade. In the 8th grade, I met someone that was g-tube fed and became good friends with him.

The reason I hoped that Jillian had downs syndrome was because I have always adored kids with downs syndrome. I felt that downs syndrome was something I could handle. I also used to dream about adopting a baby with downs syndrome when I was younger. There’s just something about people with downs that make me happy. I’m drawn to their faces, their lovingness and just an overall love for kids with downs. Whenever I see a parent with a child that has downs, I can’t help but smile.

As much as Jillian has enriched our lives, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I no longer hope for a baby with downs while pregnant. Some days it’s hard enough to come to terms with Cerebral Palsy but hopefully I’m teaching Jillian as much as she’s teaching me.

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