I’m Jealous

The recent post about the great school system from Tiffany , it made me jealous. Really, really jealous. This is not a feeling I often have, if ever, but I’ll say it out loud …I want what she has.

We are just about to embark on the transition from Early Childhood (self-contained) to General Education (least restrictive enviornment). Our district does not offer a blended program, or a transition program or really any in between. You are either general education with resources, related services and so forth or you are in the self-contained classroom.

It’s a very frustrating process to try and figure out what the next move should be for our son, and I can’t get into all the details or this post would be hours long. In fact there are very, very few people you can actually to talk with it about who will truly understand what you are trying to explain. One friend said the other day “just pick a preschool out ¬†of hat”… if only it were that easy.

So as I try to figure out should we send my son to a typical preschool to given him another year to prepare for the big move to gen ed, or move him on to Kindergarten (which quite frankly sounds like I might be throwing him to the wolves if you talk to some people). I’m looking for advice on any resources to consider. There are days when I am so disenchanted with our system, I have even thought about moving to another district, yet we haven’t even gotten into the heart of the district so to speak. We are in this nice little cocoon of 10 kids with IEPs – all making progress, working hard and loving our team. For my son and I this will all disappear at the end of this year and we start the next chapter.

Why does it seem like every chapter in this book of special needs is getting harder and harder to read?

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