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I am a guilt-ridden mother of two crazy boys who never stop moving. I started blogging after our first son was born two months premature with a host of medical issues. I work part-time and juggle it all, but not always well.

I’m Jealous

The recent post about the great school system from Tiffany , it made me jealous. Really, really jealous. This is not a feeling I often have, if ever, but I’ll say it out loud …I want what she has. We are just about to embark on the transition from Early Childhood (self-contained) to General Education…

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Scar Tissue

I recently came across some old CDs with photos from 2005 – 2006, I was delighted to find them, given our family photo history disappeared with my computer during the robbery. As I began to upload them to the new computer I found tears welling up in my eyes, I have to be honest it…

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It’s My Year

On New Year’s Eve I was out shopping with my mom, something I seldom get to do not only because I have two kids, but also because my mother lives out of state. We set out on our ritual, a pedicure and some wandering around the local mall. Ironically no matter how many times people…

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I’m still here, hanging by a thread.

I’ve missed posting the last two weeks, my apologies, but unfortunately I have a “teacher proof” excuse. I’m not going to rehash all the details of the last horrendous two weeks, the fears, the tears and the anger. In a nutshell: my son went into the hospital Thanksgiving night for a suspected shunt malfunction which…

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But I Do Understand….

How many times has someone said to you they do understand how you feel as a special needs parent? It’s happened to me a few times, and when it does it sets a fire in my belly so deep it takes at least 24 hours to bring me “down”. So it happened again this week while…

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What are the chances you will have a child? What are the chances you will have a healthy child?  When I was young I never thought about these questions much, I just assumed I would have a child one day and it never even crossed my mind that “health” of said child would ever be…

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