Try This Tuesday #25: Changes

Try This Tuesday

As I mentioned in my post last Friday, I am extremely grateful for everyone who participated in Try This Tuesday during 2008. Thank you for all of your insights and experiences which have helped all of us, including and especially me, become better at what we do.

One idea I had for the coming year is to offer a topic suggestion each week, sort of a writing prompt which you can use if you so desire. I am working on a list of topics but need some help from you, especially those who are dealing with disabilities other than autism.

What areas do you find you have to come up with creative solutions for? What topics do you think would be helpful to hear from other parents, professionals or individuals on? Please leave an idea or two, or several, in the comments, and I will add them to the list. (Even if you aren’t sure you would write a post, I would love hear from you.)

Of course, even with a topic being suggested, you are always welcome to post about any topic or question that you wish. And it doesn’t have to be something that directly applies to your child or children with special needs. After all, everything in our lives is connected – something that helps you or another member of your family also impacts your special needs child.

If you haven’t participated before and would like more information about how it works, take a look at the introductory post for the details and then please join in by writing a post and linking it below!

Topic Suggestion for This Week: Changes

At the beginning of a new year, a lot of people think about their lives and make resolutions to do things differently. Is there anything you have decided to change in some aspect of your life moving forward?

I have to admit this is a hard question for me to answer. There are many things I would like to do better at, but I am hesitant to make declarations I won’t follow through on. One thing I know I want to change is to be more true to myself and not get involved in commitments or situations that aren’t what is best for me or my family.

Tammy had posted about One Little Word, asking for what word each of us would use to “sum up your goals and the direction of your heart for 2009.” My response was HOME:

The first word that came to mind was family, but I think HOME would be more accurate. With all the different directions my family is pulled in, I want our home to be a place to retreat and connect.

I think in order to create this type of home, I need to be more mindful of how I commit my time and energy. So that’s what I want to change this year; how about you?

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