Again With the Changes

Just when I thought 2008 was full of changes, I find that 2009 is all about transitions too. Last year, Zoe was placed into a general education setting, and it was on a full-time basis. Now we find ourselves preparing for an even more dramatic change: going from elementary school to middle school.

This fact became all the more real to me when we were called into a meeting with our IEP team this week. Our authorization was needed so that all Zoe’s evaluations could be done in preparation for our planning meeting in April. And at the conclusion of that meeting we’ll determine her middle school placement and formulate her new IEP goals for the year.

I am nervous.

So far, Zoe has been doing very well in the new class setting; however, middle school is a whole new ball game.

We’re talking new school, new teachers, new students, multiple class changes, and a different start time.

Once the team determines where Zoe will go to school next year, we plan on taking Zoe on at least a few trips to the school. The Exceptional Student Education coordinator at Zoe’s present school has offered to contact the ESE coordinator at the new school to set up a tour.

In addition, the school will have an open house the week before school starts; the kids and parents will have a chance to meet all the teachers and do a run-through of classroom changes, complete with bell ringing at the end of each period. There’s nothing like a getting a little practice in ahead of time, right?

What about you? Have you gone through a transition like this one? What strategies did you employ at that time?

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