Reflections In Spring…We’ve Come A Long Way

How are we doing?

It’s on my mind. Not for any particular reason except that spring is around the corner, and this is the kind of thought process I go through each spring. You see, spring is a time of renewal and while others clean, which I might find a way to get my hands into from time to time, I reflect.

I reflect on where we’re at as a family, in our journey…and where we’re heading. Are in the right place, right city, state, school? Is this the right house? Enough “play dates”? Enough therapy, extra activities, enough time with me, outside, with extended family? Should I work outside of the home? Can I be a blogger / writer / advocate and still keep our home running (okay, that’s a joke, the laundry’s piled to the sky)? Is this the right medication? Right set of docs? Should I change the paint color in his room? Where are we heading…

Now, luckily, spring’s not really here yet. The warm weather has been only teasing, settling us into the comfortable thought that around the corner lies spring followed by summer, buds to blossoms followed by never-ending green. But, in Colorado, we await the end-of-season snow dump… the finale of the winter, where Mother Earth has a little fun with the lure of warmth followed by the smashing of snow…just one last time.

So while winter will pass into spring and buds turn to blossoms to green, I will take my reflections in stride. Reflections are not only looking at where we are and where we’re going, but also where we’ve come from. And we’ve come a long way!

I’ll take that.

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