Daydream Believer

Ya know, me and Google are really good friends.

(Dr. Google and I broke up after I graduated Nursing School. He’s really a bad guy.)

Anyway, do you daydream? I do. A lot.

Usually, this happens when I am exhausted, or bored, or suffering from “I just got run over by a truck because of what that doctor just told me.”

When I daydream, I imagine this beautiful sandy beach. The seagulls are lolling in the gentle waves of the ocean. My kids are laughing and smell like sunblock. My husband is asleep on a hammock. And we are the only people who live there.

So, once I wake up from my daydream, I google. Which states pay the most per child in special education? Who is the #1 GI specialist in the United States? Which cyber schools accept IEP’s? What nursing schools are hiring instructors? Is there a house for sale next to my best friend’s house?


I talked about this once with one of Jack’s thrapists. Actually, I was pretty sure for awhile that she was my therapist, not Jack’s… She told me the best advice ever. She said, “Look. Chances are, Jack is not going to Harvard or Yale. Sure, we can believe in miracles to our hearts content, but there has to be some point where you’re just happy he’s alive.”

She went on to tell me that looking these things up is a good thing. Because, you know what…why NOT move somewhere? Why not give him the best shot? He deserves the best, and the best is definitely not found in Southeast Georgia.

We have decided to do this. We are going to search out the best for Jack. And for J. And for us. So that our family can be stronger.

Would you pack up your world and move? Have you?

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