Learning to ride…one step at a time…

A Cowboy Needs a Horse

Johnny lives in a big city, but has everything a cowboy could want
(Everything, everything)
He has a place to pan for gold
(Panning, panning)
And he has time to shoot a buffalo everyday
(Shooting, shooting)
And every night, he dreams he’s a cowboy riding the rangeFinally found the words to this song, it’s on a disney sing along VHS we have and we sing it all the time. (well me & Tristan…and he seems to like it 🙂

Ridin’, ridin’ along…

Oh, a cowboy needs a horse, needs a horse, needs a horse
And he’s gotta have a rope, have a rope, have a rope
And he oughta’ have a song, have a song, have a song
If he wants to keep ridin’

Now a cowboy needs a hat, needs a hat, needs a hat
And a pair of fancy boots, fancy boots, fancy boots
And a set of shiny spurs, shiny spurs, shiny spurs
If he wants to keep ridin’

Oh, the fence is long, and the sun is hot
And the good Lord knows that a cowboy’s gotta keep
Ridin’, ridin’ along

So he gets himself a horse, and a rope, and a song
And he finds himself a hat, fancy boots, shiny spurs
And there’s nothing more he needs, or can have, or can get
If he wants to keep ridin’, ridin’ along

Spurs, shiny spurs
Boots, fancy boots
Sings a western song
And a horse
If he wants to keep ridin’, ridin’ along…

Tristan has been working up to the ridin’ for about 5 weeks now. The first time we thought it’d be a little sensory overload…smells, sights, sounds, feeling and if you can smell it you can almost taste it (even if you really don’t wanna). He was very stiff going down in the barn, down the stairs in the wheelchair, I will have GREAT ARMS…one day, but the owner brought out one of the horses for Tristan to meet. Peaches, she’s a little patchy and white & golden color and Beautiful. She’d bring her nose right down for him to touch. But she didn’t know he couldn’t see her, but he was feeling her breath on him. she nudged him a little. Picked up his sleeve with her teeth. I tried to get him out of his wheelchair but he went stiff as a board…he wanted no part of this. 

Week 2 we reached Tristan’s hand up to pet the nose of the horse. Got him out of the wheelchair and pet the side of the horse, leaned a little on her. He seemed to be much better…Then she licked the side of his face. That was it for him. Although I bent over to tell him it was ok, that she wanted to give him kisses, Peaches nosed me out of the way, she thought I was hurting him. He stopped when he felt her breath on him again. Nostle breath nothing quite like it.

Week 3 we missed, my fault, forgot to call & schedule. So use to having it done ahead of time that I forgot to call (DUH!)

Week 4 Tristan is excited to hear Peaches coming, talking more. Petting hand over hand. Got him out of his wheelchair and pet the horse’s side then her face. Thought we’d sit him up on her. Wasn’t sure how that’d work. Side sitting, then the owner said let’s swing his leg over so we did, her on one side & me on the other. My mom trying to take pictures of him sitting up there with the cell phone, & if we could figure out how to get them off, we would post them too! Then mom decided she couldn’t see, she’d hold him & I could take pictures. So the horse moved a couple steps backward…you should have seen his eyes they got as big as saucers & he had that look like “what just happened”  we laughed. a few minutes later she moved forward he had that look again. It was amazing. 

Week 5…the first official ride was to be Friday, black friday, BUT I got a stinking migraine & i was sick as a dog. BUT we rescheduled it for Sunday at 11:00. This time the owner’s (Janet) granddaughter (Emily) would be there to ride the horse holding Tristan. They rode for the full 30 minutes. By the time he was done, he was wiped out!!!! There were times that we thought that he was falling asleep on the horse. Such a big Beautiful horse she was too. Peaches was going to have to work with another kid after us & the granddaughter (Emily)picked Ellie to ride Sunday with Tristan. That horse was beautiful & Lapped it up everytime we’d say it to her. She’d walk around 2-3 times then stop for some affection. It was cute. Tristan was sitting high on a horse. We were so excited to see it too 🙂

It’s a recyle…but sometimes…more often than not we have to break things up into steps and take a different approach to things when it doesn’t work out…but this is something we haven’t done lately (weather) and need to get back to….

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