The Worth of a Soul: The Story of Kirill

According to a judge in Russia, a little boy with Down syndrome is better off in an institution than with a family wanting nothing more but to love and cherish him.

In other words, that extra chromosome to this judge is worthy of only one thing.

A death sentence.

My friend Veronica holds dual citizenship in both her new home, America, and the land of her birth, Russia.

Veronica tells me that in situations such as Kirill’s you have to think like a Russian. It is fantastically inconceivable to many in that country that anyone would want to adopt a child with Down syndrome.

Even after they’ve spent months in the application process and tens of thousands of dollars.


My beautiful son, Parker, who is learning how to read. Don’t tell me his life isn’t worth living.

This isn’t so different in other countries. Except we express our views on Down syndrome by trying to wipe out an entire population of people via earlier prenatal testing created to make easier for a woman to abort the fetus she finds too distasteful to bring into the world.

I recently read on blog about a mother who rationalized her decision to abort her child with Ds as doing what 90% of the rest of the world would have done.

(Important fact: In many states there are WAITING lists to adopt children with Down syndrome.)

Down syndrome does not make a child disposable.

It’s time for us, ALL of us, to stand up against this way of thinking and put a stop to it. Today it may be my child who’s life is deemed unworthy by so many.

Tomorrow it could be yours.

You can read more about Kirill and the family that loves him here and here.

You can find Tammy and Parker hanging out at their other blog,, and on Twitter where they are known as ParkerMama.

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