Feeleez Giveaway!

Being the Mom of a child who lives with a trach as well as an extra chromosome, I find that communication with Parker can be like walking over fire barefoot a tad bit frustrating.

Because being non-verbal isn’t about not being smart. Parker understands each and ever word I say to him. He’s a bright kid.

It’s trying to decipher his feelings that can get a bit dicey.

Parker signs. He points. He makes his way over to what he is desiring at the moment.

But when upset, scared, angry or mad he reverts to either:

or scratching/pulling at and behind his ears.

And so when a great idea on how to address these issues pops up on our radar, I take notice.

Enter Feeleez:

Feeleez are designed to teach children
about feelings and in turn raise their
emotional intelligence and awareness.

Children who develop an understanding of their
own feelings and the feelings of others are much more
likely to experience successful and fulfilling lives.

Furthermore, cultivating emotional intelligence is a
vital part of creating a humane, peaceful
and sustainable world.

I think what I love the most about Feeleez is that you can start at what ever level your child is at with his emotional intelligence.

Parker is starting out on a very basic level. But as his skills grow, the activities the Feeleez feelings game will grow with him.

The Feeleez feeling game even comes with a list of suggestions to help you get the most from the Feeleez experience.

Which, in my humble opinion, is all kinds of impressive.

Feeleez also offers a set of 25 wearable buttons, each representing a specific emotion. Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve…..or pant leg…..or purse…….or vest……..or, well, you get my drift.

The Feeleez line includes a colorful, and enticing poster with all 25 Feeleez kids represented. It’s not only a work of art, it’s a learning tool too.

Just watch:

It’s been suggested that I show my Feeleez game and poster to my ST as well to the ST and special needs teachers at my husband’s school. (He’s an elementary school Principal.)

And I will.

But while they can look, and touch, I won’t be sharing. Nope. These Feeleez products will be added to my arsenal of tools to facilitate Parker’s communication skills.

Would YOU like to win your own Feeleez feeling game?

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Why Feeleez page. Do some research. Come back here, and in the comments below tell me one fact you learned from the information offered.

Easy no?

And if you would like to earn extra entries, why that is easy too:
1. Subscribe to our feed
2. Write a post and link back to this contest on your blog
3. Spread the word to your friends via facebook, twitter, etc.

Simply leave your additional comments for each of the extra qualifying steps.

This giveaway will be open from Saturday, January 24, through Friday, January 30th.

And don’t forget the legal stuff:

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions.

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