Through her eyes

My brother bent his knees,
jumped as high as he could,
and spun around in the air.
He landed and fell to the floor laughing.
It made me laugh, too.
He said he was dancing.

My other brother bounced his head,
wiggled his arms,
and shrugged his shoulders with the music.
He stood up and shook his whole body.
It made me giggle.
He said he was dancing.

Daddy grabbed Mommy’s hand,
spun her around the play room,
and hugged her really tight.
They kissed and laughed and smiled at each other.
It made me squeal.
They said they were dancing.

I grabbed my wheels,
pushed as hard as I could,
and I let go.
I curved my arms and froze my body
as my chair spun and spun.
It made my heart feel light… and happy.

I was dancing.



Originally posted April 2008 over at the HennHouse.

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