Welcome to Special Exposure Wednesday

In those times when you have little or no motivation – in parenting or photography – images can trigger a desire to begin another day and try again.

I am excited to be sharing Special Exposure Wednesday with you. Along with my passion for parenting, adoption, and advocacy exists a love of photography. While I am by no means a professional, I never leave home without my camera and even at home it is always on ready. My boys have grown up with my lens aimed toward them and have become oblivious to its existence, which is a good thing because they no longer whine “Ah mom, you’re not taking our picture again!” Well that isn’t true, but they don’t whine as often nor as loudly.

Each Wednesday we gather at 5MFSN and share a photo from our lives. We are not looking for professional photographers (though if you are one, you had better be sharing!) or technical perfection. It is a sharing of visual inspiration to encourage one another, perhaps coax a smile or even a tear. We share photos of our children, places or things our children love, that we love…the moments of struggle, the moments of triumph…any photograph which calls up memories or emotions in you as a parent. Does a shot of dirty laundry or muddy feet do it for you? Whatever. Share. Images are inspiring, motivating and entertaining.

Each Wednesday I will post my Special Exposure Wednesday photo here at 5MFSN along with Mr. Linky. To participate simply:

  • Post your photo on your blog or photo sharing site of your choice.
  • Words are optional. If you wish to share more about the moment captured, please do so on your blog along with the photo. Sometimes a photo stands alone…sometimes you want to explain why it was chosen. Entirely your call. I do ask that you keep your words brief, focusing on the image.
  • Sign Mr. Linky with the direct link to your photo post (blog or other site).
  • Please Leave a comment on the Special Exposure Wednesday post here at 5MFSN.
  • Click the links shared on Mr. Linky to visit one another for visual inspiration.
  • Please remember to comment on the photos you visit. Everyone loves getting comments and knowing someone visited. And you never know when your comment may sound as sweet as the voice of a old friend who understands.

I believe we will receive weekly inspiration for parenting and photography. I’m even willing to bet your photography skills will improve.

Would you like the code to post the Special Exposure Wednesday button in your weekly posts and blog sidebar? Grab it below. Thank you for sharing.

>5 Minutes for Special Needs

See you here each Wednesday.
Go! Grab your camera and start snapping.

Questions, suggestions or just want to say “I’ll be joining the fun”? Comments are open below.

Melody can be found writing here at 5MFSN every Tuesday in addition to hosting Special Exposure Wednesday. She also shares her special life and photography at Slurping Life and reviews products and gives away stuff at what i think.

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