Tough Things

For whatever reason, I have been thinking about some tough things when it comes to Olivia’s future lately. One of my biggest concerns is who will take care of her if, God forbid, something were to happen to Matt and I. I don’t think my Mom should do it; I want her to enjoy being a Grandma because she’s so good at it! Plus, I honestly think Olivia would be too much day in and day out. I know for a fact she would do it; but I don’t want to put that burden on her. I also don’t think my sister or my husband’s sister is a good choice; not that they don’t love my kids because they do. But taking care of Olivia forever is a whole different ball game. My husband’s parents are out too; they’re honestly too old, I think. So that just leaves friends. I have two very dear friends who I have talked to and who both would care for all three of my kids…but isn’t that too much to ask?

Do any of you stay awake at night thinking of these things or is it just me?

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