Botox Dip

My son had his Botox treatment this week. I knew about 2 weeks ago it was needed. It’s funny how that works. At first you think, is it worth it? Am I doing it for him or for me? Actually, both. I do it for him. His spasticity is so severe, he could curl into a ball, despite my stretching him daily. He receives it basically from head to toe… I do it for him because it loosens up his shoulders and chest to the point we can move his arms around, up and down, stretching out the elbows…we must, we must, we must increase our bust. He receives Botox in his jaw to stop the teeth grinding and it’s helped with chewing textures 🙂 . His shoulder blades get shots to loosen his shoulders for dressing and coats. Oh how helpful that is in the winter with the dreaded coat. The abductors no longer receive Botox but they once did, now the receive nerve blocks to allow to spread out the Botox further because of such a need for it elsewhere. Abdoctors are done so I can change diapers, scissoring with out them done makes this impossible. His arms are done, wrists, fingers…especially the thumbs so we can uncrimp his wrist, open his hands and pull out his thumb. He receives shots in this calf muscles and heal cords and toe flexors too. The likes to bend his great toe under when you put his shoes on. I’m always putting my finger under his foot and pushing his toe back out to lay flat with the others. When you see it all writen out you know that he is receiving his maximum amount of Botox allowed for his weight. The has braces and brackets that he’s supose to wear…DAFO’S for his ankles & feet, S.W.A.S.H. Brace for his hips, wrist and hand braces for obvious reasons….so far we have been able to avoid a neck brace to enable him to keep his head up (there are a lot of muscles that are required to hold your head up all the time) but I wanted him to learn to hold it himself and not depend on the brace. There’s only one other place that doesn’t have a brace yet…his trunk of his body, Everytime his doctor writes another script for a brace, I get upset. I actually get mad. Because it’s supose to make it better for later, however the people writing these scripts, complaining about his weight (not enough) aren’t the ones trying to do the care. They aren’t the ones getting kicked by the DAFOs slugged in the eye with the arm splings or the nose, they aren’t the ones trying to carry the child in the S.W.A.S.H Brace, the DAFOs and the arm braces while it’s dead weight (despite of the low weight number) and pulling in one direction, while you’re trying to balance it out by pulling in another direction. Sometimes with out the braces he’s pulling to his right and i’m trying to balance it out on my right. Yes he has a wheelchair, but i live in a 3 story house that doesn’t have a ramp to get him in and out of the house and the floor plan doesn’t allow for him to be pushed around the 1st floor let alone I have to carry him up to the 2nd floor for bed time and bath time. 

So I guess really… We do the Botox for both of us 🙂  To try to make both our lives a little easier. One day we’ll live in a one story home & have access to get around but right now…we have to go with it.

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