DH and I met a lovely woman at the support group we attended last fall. Her son is similar in age to Precious and has a similar diagnosis; mild developmental disability. I emailed Steph a month or so ago and she, her husband and her son came over and hung out with our family for a few hours.

Cole and Precious played together somewhat, as did our older daughter. All the kids ended up on the trampoline. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and my older daughter loved to ‘mother’ Cole.

It was so nice to connect with Cole’s parents and ask them about their experiences with the school board as their son is in the same one as our daughter. Since their child is so similar to ours, I wonder why we didn’t get offered special bussing like their son, and why we don’t have an individualized education plan. The school board expected our daughter to walk 500 metres to the bus stop and take the regular bus. Since we drive her to the before and after school program, it became a non-issue.

Our friends had to fight to get special transport for their son, and if Precious ends up in the special class next year, she will be bussed. We told the daycare where our other two kids go that we would be going there next year if there’s a space for Precious and she seemed surprised that we would be able to bus there. Now I’m questioning if we can get service from our house in the morning and to the daycare in the afternoon.

I have to admit I’m getting a little stressed out. I’m not sure what school my child is going to next year. I don’t know what the alternatives are if she doesn’t get in, AND I don’t know what daycare she’ll go to either way as the before and after school program was only open to kindergarteners this year.

Ideally, Precious will go to the closest school with a primary special needs class, and get picked up at home in the morning with a special bus, and be bussed to the same daycare as my other two kids after school, on the special bus.

If another couple of weeks pass before the committee makes a ruling on which kids will get into the primary special needs class, it will be too late for us to get this all straightened out before school starts in September. My stomach is in knots just thinking about it!

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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