Some Funny Times Here

I’ve mentioned before how absolutely thrilled we are that Jillian’s language is ahead of her actual age. Although, I must keep reminding my husband that she IS still 2.5 and that she will still have temper tantrums. Just as she feels she needs to be ahead of the times (except walking, I mean geez, what does she think she has CP or something?) She decided to grace us with her birth early, coming home early, going back to the hospital (earlier than I would have liked!), getting diagnosed early (13 months) and so on. So really, the “terrible two’s” shouldn’t be overlooked.

On a regular basis, my girls crack me up. Either with what they’re saying to each other, or what they say to me. Or in latest evidence what Jillian has said in therapy. We manage to keep her therapy schedule somewhat strict, so, every Wednesday we see her PT and then her OT, so, 2 hours of therapy every week (not counting the therapy we do at home). So, it’s relatively common for me to sit, play on my phone (I’m not really needed…) and take copious amounts of pictures AND video of Jillian during therapy so Adam and our friends and family can see how hard she’s working. So, it really made me laugh last week when this conversation took place.

Jillian: “Hey Amber?” Amber: “Yes Jillian?” Jillian: “What about I ride a bike?” (I know her English isn’t perfect, but she tries hard!) Amber: “actually, I was thinking about that! I wanted to see what you thought first.” Jillian (obviously thinking for a minute) “I want to ride a bike, Amber” Amber: “Ok, Jillian, I’ll bring a bike the next time we get together” Jillian: “GOOD! And Amber? I want to ride a bike…………………………………………………………………………….BEFORE LAUREN”

Well, cue hilarious laughter from Amber and I. I began thinking. Why SHOULD’NT Jillian be able to accomplish something gross motor related before Lauren? She gets to watch Lauren jump, run, even walk without much effort (although that poor child inherited her mother’s genes and falls A LOT). I hadn’t intentionally left bike riding off of Lauren’s list, we were just waiting for a good time. I am excited to see how Jillian does with bike riding, I know it’ll be a lot of work, but she’s up for the challenge.

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