Little Annoyances

Lately, I have had a hard time controlling my emotions. This could be from the lack of sleep, or stress of starting school, the state testing for my big child, or Jack (in general). I’m weepy one minute and snarky the next.

So, I decided to compile a list of things that annoy me (stick with me, I have not completely lost my mind—yet). The list was getting really long and, truth be told, annoying. But I couldn’t stop writing. On the top of a college-ruled sheet of notebook paper, I had written “I don’t like…” and then there were approximately 43 things on that list. Things ranging from lima beans to the stitches in my back… to the one rude cashier at Kroger.

I was getting angry at myself. How could I be so judgemental? How could I be so stinking harsh? I crossed off “moms who complain that they never get time to themselves, and they have 2 nannies and a pile of money” and started to re-evaluate my list.

In the big scheme of things, I don’t have anything to complain about. I really don’t.

But, for 15 minutes, I did complain. I cried. I wanted to be one of those moms who complains about everything (which annoys the cwap outta me).

I balled the paper up and chucked it.

I could have written this post about how annoyed I am, and what annoys me. But what would that prove? Nothing!

We, as special needs parents, have to rise above the annoying. We cannot advocate while being hateful and nasty. We have to temper ourselves. Advocate does not mean we have to complain or fight. It means we have to take the high road and educate.

My new “attempt” is to try to not read facebook statuses and get upset. You know, the ones that start out with: “Will trade my kidz 4 ur leftovers?” I will, however, comment politely and offer her a day in my moccasins (I’m kidding!).

So, what annoys you—let’s let it all hang out, so we can move on!

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