Here We Go Again

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so tuned in to the special needs community. Sometimes I wish I could just get on Facebook and see what goofy things people are doing, even if it’s so mundane as “I’m getting a haircut this afternoon.”

But, in my group of friends, that’s not always possible. I have many “friends” that are advocates for their children, just like me. Yesterday when I logged onto Facebook after being at work all day I saw two posts about the R word being used. One by Lady Gaga and one against Trig Palin. Today, I again logged on to find more posts about the Trig Palin comment.

I clicked over to the Fox News editorial and read it. First of all, I’ll out myself in saying I do not like Fox News or Sarah Palin. However, what was said about her son had nothing to do with politics and it makes me sick to see it turned into a political thing. The editorial and comments made political attacks against those liberals/democrats. I had to stop reading. 

For the record, I’m a democrat, I believe abortion is wrong and I love my daughter with Down syndrome. I would have never considered termination of her just because she has Down syndrome. 

So now I’m angry. And I’m hurt. And I’m sad.

Raising a child with special needs is hard enough without hearing a bunch of ignorant people sound off on issues they are ill informed on. People who like to hide behind their computers and attack others with vicious words.

I’m tired of the R word controversy. Just once, I’d like to be spared hearing about someone famous using the word. Just once I’d like to be spared from all the idiotic comments people make because the word was used and attacking those of us who are “being too sensitive.” Yep, I am. Guilty. I hate the word. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear how it’s your right to use it. I just want to raise my little girl and love her and enjoy all the joy she brings to our family.

Dang. I was having such a good day, too.

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