Friendship Road

Since we’re walking through another season of learning curve, this time related to my mother-in-law’s needs, I have been realizing again the importance of friends…and not just any friends, but friends who really know what you are going through. For us, this is not just people who have taken care of an aging parent, but people who have done that in the context of parenting a child with special needs, and their siblings. We are fortunate to have a couple of friends who have walked this path before us, so we can learn from their experiences and glean from their wisdom.

We are still seeking input from Experts, but, just as we found three years ago when we were sorting out what was going on with our daughter, Expert help is offered and effective on a different plane. Experts can explain what is happening and offer advice on treatment and support, but Friends empathize, encourage, and share that practical level of knowledge of what really worked for them. Often the Experts haven’t really walked the path, while a Friend who has may even be willing to backtrack a bit and help you past the obstacles that hindered their own trek.

I can only hope that each parent who reads this has at least one such Friend. I think it is truly essential to successfully navigating the many hairpin turns of this road.

Have you found a solid Friend to lean on in your journey? What gets friendships like these started, and what keeps them going?

If you have a good Friend be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them today!

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