A Mother’s Day Letter From Your Child

For you Mom,-

Even without my words,

you have always known my needs.

When I am hurting or afraid, frustrated and fatigued

You gather me home

into the safety of your arms.

You know what makes me smile, delights me and fills my face with light

You make my happiness.

When you sing my favorite song,

sweep the softness of my favorite blanket, across the curve of my cheek.

When you take me for walks –

and I feel the warmth of the sun , the cool breeze brush against my skin.

You disregard the words of others, telling you what I cannot do-

and then fill the hours of every day-

Telling me what I can.

Every day you see other kids – doing more and reaching further-

Yet you celebrate me

pushing away sadness,

you focus on the hope of our future

Letting my small steps, lead us forever forward.

Never standing still, always in motion-

You move before me.

Your planning, protective and positive,

prepares me for success-

meeting new people,

new challenges,

learning new worlds.

.. And in case I ever go

before I can whisper words of thanks,

or wrap my arms around you.

Know what I knew-

before you soothed me

into heaven’s sleep.

With you –

I live the fullest life-

see the understanding in your eyes.

your gentleness in every touch-

as you fill my heart with the greatest kind of love.

Happy Mother’s Day .. Let’s celebrate the simple today.. Hope you enjoyed this special tribute to ALL mom’s. Years ago, I published this letter for my daughter  “Dear Little One” from the perspective of a special needs mom, mothering her little one.


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