Week of Lasts

Monday was the last day I could take the twins to preschool and run home for two hours of uninterrupted work at my desk.

Yesterday was the last day of phonology group therapy for my boy…until the Fall.

Today is the last day of preschool – a class picnic that moms and dads attend.

Tomorrow will be the last full day of school for the child. With an IEP on top just to keep things interesting.

Friday, a half day of school, will be the last day that I will walk home from school having dropped off the child, praying that she’ll have a good day, just one more half day of good self-regulation please…the last day of our first year at our new school with no “major” behavior issues for the first year since preschool. Pure Gold.

It’s a week of lasts and a week of firsts, too. I’m getting ready. Ready to start our first Summer of having some fun instead of forcing therapy to fit that bill. Ready to put my plans on hold, for a little while, to enjoy spending time with my little wonders. Ready to get ready for more firsts just a little bit down the road.

Are you ready?

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