Jack spent last weekend feeling rough. Spiked a fever, had snot trails following behind him…you know.

I took him to the doctor on Monday. Our pediatric practice has 6 physicians. There’s only one who I refuse to see—because I think he’s a self serving, pompous jerk.

Guess who was the only one there on Monday?

So, Dr. Jerk sees me. He sees Jack. He literally looked in his ears, listened to his chest (half-heartedly), and pronounced him fine. He told me to continue the antibiotics we were already on, and if he wasn’t better to bring him back to see…”HIS doctor.”

Guess where we were this morning?

Guess who has pneumonia (phonetically prounounced by Jack as Pee-New-Moan-Ya)?

Guess who told the doctor all about Monday’s escapade?

More later…I just walked in the door. Sigh.

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