Anticipation of Orthopedic visit

It’s the night before surgery, and the house is a wreck. Tristan is sleeping but the bag is not packed.

I’m on the internet, Steve’s watching t.v. We’re both in denial that it’ll soon be here.

Early to rise, to arrive at 6:00, not looking forward this, I feel sick at the thought.

I think he’ll be fine but we still ask for  prayers.

When the surgery is over he’ll move upstairs.

To a room unknown where we’ll live for the week.

So soon he can come home and kiss on mom on the cheek 🙂


Ok, so it’s weak but it was an attempt to update at the time (6/22/2008) what was running through our minds the night before a surgery for my son’s hip dysplasia. It was hard to sit and wait for a 2 hour surgery…I know many of you have been through so much more…but this was our first major surgery. The only surgery I had was the crash c-section when my son was born. So either way it was something that seemed like so much at the time. Well I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again…my son is tall & skinny…so daily we can see that bracket in his left hip. It’s gross, there’s the slightest scar from the surgery, but mostly you can see or even feel the pin in his hip. So because of his tone, the last time we went to see the orthopedic doctor he said, we could be looking at doing it again. UGH! SOOOO very soon we have another appointment to see if we’re holding our own (no changes) or if we’re looking at doing it again. I’m hoping for holding our own, but have that funny feeling the doctor won’t see it that way…and we’ll be looking at surgery again. Not looking forward to the visit. It’s more about the anticipation of the visit than the actual visit. This time we do know a little better…check medications they’re giving him with the ones he gets at home. 

So while we don’t know yet if surgery is approaching on the horizon…I can’t help but think about how big he’s gotten in the last 3 years since the last time. I know they grow & time flies BUT last time it was easy to carry him up & down the stairs of our house. This time, we may have to move to the living room for a while. fingers crossed that we don’t need it yet though…won’t know till the 24th for sure…almost 3 years to the day.


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