Out of the Blue

Are you ever taken by surprise by something your kids say…out of the blue? Today at lunch my daughter started a conversation that surprised me on many levels. She was tuned in, took multiple appropriate turns, answered questions and absorbed complex answers. I will savor this one for a long time:

The Child: “Mom, I wish I could be a hummingbird.”

Mom: “Oh, why’s that?”

TC: “Because then I could have fun playing with all the other hummingbirds.”

M: “Um…I don’t think hummingbirds really play with each other very much.”

TC: “Why not?”

M: “Well, they fight a lot over food.”

TC: “Why?”

M: “Hummingbirds eat a lot of food, for their size, and they always think there might not be enough, so if they find food first they chase other hummingbirds away.”

TC: “Oh, then I want to be the biggest hummingbird…” [Have to admit I thought she was going to say so that she could always get the most food.] “…then I could teach the little hummingbirds to share.”

M: “That sounds like a really nice idea.”

TC: “Yeah…then everyone will have enough. I can be the Mommy, and I’ll teach five babies.”


Okay, so maybe all that social skills therapy really is starting to sink in!

Any child-sized surprises on your plate today?

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