Why Special Needs Dads Rock My Socks Off…

My husband was not thrilled to become a special needs dad. As a matter of fact, the day Jack was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I almost killed him.

We left the doctor’s office, (I) numbly walked to the car…I asked him what he thought? He looked right at me, and said, “We’ll talk later. I’m going to work.”

My sister in law was ready to come help me hide his body.

Over time, he warmed up to the idea–although, he is still pretty skittish about certain things (like going to the “big” doctor’s appointments).

I observe a lot of special needs families. I watch them interact at therapy, or at the doctor, or in public. No matter where I see a special needs Dad, you can always tell one thing…

Mom taught him well. 😉

It’s true! These guys are strong, passionate advocates who have somehow learned to change a diaper on a child who resembles a rolling crocodile. They know how to medicate, tube feed, push a wheelchair (without running over anyone or knocking displays down), and translate jibberish. They help when they can. They grieve.

So, for Father’s Day, I want to thank you all—Moms and Dads—for making this world more beautiful by sharing your children with everyone.

(And for you single special needs parents, you get my undying love and honor…)

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