all in a day’s work

It’s official we started back at therapies…after a year break…under protest but just the same we’re back. Yesterday we had our first visit, Physical Therapy, as we’re in the waiting room my son’s cracking up a at door that opens shuts constantly (first thing in the morning so busy time). He proceeds to then find the need to dirty his diaper, and it’s time for therapy to start. I go back with him or they’d never get anything done with him. I was excited because the room no longer had the gym mat laying on the floor but an adjustable table. Very cool addition! So, I lay out the blanket and get my supplies and proceed to take off the shoes, then the shorts (now wet but he’s wearing pull ups too) so take the diaper off to wipe him off while talking to the therapists … SNAP … OMG!

My back went out. It felt like my spine had just rolled over completely. The pain shot up so fast. I could barely continue changing the diaper. If any of you have ever hurt your back you know the walk you do to compensate for your lower back hurting. The butt sticks out so much further and you’re hunched over. 

Thank goodness I had the medical stroller versus the wheelchair. Our accesible van died this winter, so it’s easier for me to lift the stroller out but sometimes I have the chair. I sat during my son’s appointment and watched thinking “please God let me walk out of here, get him in the car and the stroller in the car too”. It was a good visit, she said he didn’t seem to be any tighter than he use to be and his range was good. He laughed during the stretching too (makes it nice). So after treatment she put him in his chair for me and buckled him in. Now I just have to make it to the car. I made it but it did make it a very long day. Lifting and caring for a child that isn’t able to do anything for themself when your sick or injured isn’t easy.

Today I got up and could hardly get out of bed, it was going to be another very long day! This time I had to go out. Take husband to work, pick up my mom and take her to her oncology appointment, I called from her driveway and said I wasn’t coming in because my back was hurting SOOO bad I didn’t want to lift my son  in and out of the van any more than I had to lift him. After the appointment I just dropped her off and came home. I stretched out on the floor with my son laying on my back.

Then I laughed my butt off, here I was on the floor with my son and I had nobody else there to help me off the floor. It took a while, but I did get up off the floor. I decided not to do that again with help. I did take the phone down on the floor with me but I didn’t have anyone to call. Life is so much fun!

So it’s on days like this I wish we qualified for some help. But even though my son has Cerebral Palsy (quadraplegic), blind, has seizure disorder, non-verbal, high tone, and completely dependent on us for careand  feeding … he doesn’t qualify for any assistance. What do you do for help? Do you have friends or family that really come through for you at times like this? I know in a couple days it’ll feel better, tender, but better … in the mean time I’ll keep doing what I do 🙂 with a smile.

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