A Moment of Silence For Our Dryer Please…

It finally happened.

We knew it was coming.

We pretended like we didn’t notice, but we knew.

We’d seen the signs for months: Shutting itself off mid-cycle, taking in excess of ninety minutes to dry a load of clothes, entire outfits that suddenly went MIA along with countless single socks, the largish hole that appeared one day in the dryer’s drum…

Yeah, you heard me right.


An honest-to-goodness hole in our stainless steel dryer drum.

What kind of a family puts so much mileage on their dryer that they actually wear a hole in the drum?

I mean, it’s not like we have a large family or anything. Two adults, two kids. But in defense of our poor dryer, my kids are not your typical kids when it comes to laundry.

My kids are pukers.

And not your run-of-the-mill “oh-dear-looks-little-Timmy-urped-on-my-shoulder-again-would-you-please-pass-me-a-napkin” sort of pukers.

They’re the “break-out-the-hazmat-gear-hose-out-the-mini-van-we-own-fourteen-laundry-baskets-and-are-on-our-third-steam-cleaner” sort of pukers.

Refluxers to be precise.

We work our washer, dryer and steam-cleaner hard around here. Our record laundry day was FOURTEEN loads. All generated in a SINGLE day. FOURTEEN loads for TWO KIDS both under the age of six!!

Boggles the mind, it does.

So really, after twelve years of faithful service (with more than a few of those years averaging 5-7 DAILY loads of laundry) who can really blame the poor thing?

I can’t.

I’d have thrown in the towel myself — except it would have just generated more laundry.

R.I.P Most Faithful of Dryer Friends.

You served us well.


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