Our Bustenhalters

Did the title catch your eye? Ok well welcome, come in and lets talk ūüôā¬† I want to talk about support systems. Do you know who your is? Have you ever depended on them in a moments notice? I guess you don’t know who they are till you need them the most.¬†

I’ve always been able to depend on my mom. She’s not only my mom, but my Best friend too. I have, touch wood, never HAD TO ASK for assistance or help with things. I just figured that it was my duty as a mom to care for our son. At the beginning of summer, this year, I had to call in the troops. I was throwing a baby shower for a friend (I won’t elaberate on that today) and we were getting ready for the shower on the Friday before. My¬†Mom and my Mother-In-Law were helping me to prepare foods and gather items for this shower and my¬†Best friend from college was to help the next day. These 3 ladies were to¬†be my support staff for the shower. They just didn’t understand or even know how much support they were going to give. We, my son and I,¬†ended up missing the shower all together because of a transported, from an satelite Children’s Emergency room, by EMS for an admit of strep throat and what the doctor thought was¬†seizures. But she didn’t care to listen to me (we’ll talk again about that at a later time)¬† But mean while, Saturday, my Mom, Mother-in-law,¬†Best Friend, Best¬†Friend’s Mom, Husband,¬†Dad, and Best¬†Friend’s Dad¬†threw the baby shower for me. The men¬†helped set up the¬†room and the ladies¬†gave the baby shower. I got to see the last¬†half hour of the shower ūüôā¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†No matter what the emergency is, I know who I can count on. This year has been a heck of a year and I’ve had to call on my support system often this year. But it’s nice to know they are there when I need them the most.¬†

A wise friend once told me,”Ask for help, if they offer ~ take it… if you keep turning it down they will think you have it all undercontrol and you don’t need any help”. That’s not true, we all need some sometimes. We all need to check the elastic in those Bustenhalters and make sure they’re not all stretched out too. While I know my friends and family are there for me when I need them, I’d like to think they know I’m always here for them too…at whatever capacity I am able to do… But sometimes gravity takes over and there’s not much we can do but be there for them ūüôā

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