It Was Just A Typical Day

I’m probably what you would call a social butterfly. I like to be around people, out and about, you name it, I probably like it. Except Brussels Sprouts. That my friends will never change.

Since my early childhood, I have LOVED playing outside. So, eager to get the girls engaged in the love of outdoors, I like to do things with them regularly. Today, we picked Whittamore’s Farm. They boasted a huge play area and it was pretty close to home. Whenever I decide something to do like this, I start HOPING there are enough things for Jillian to do, because let’s face it, if you could see your older sister having fun and you are left sitting in a wheelchair, that would be pretty terrible!

When we arrived, we went through their market and headed to the play area. I was mentally crossing my fingers as we walked slowly towards the entrance. From first glance, I really didn’t see much that Jillian could do. I was definitely hoping we wouldn’t be disappointed!

When we finally entered the play area (the guy working the admissions stand couldn’t get the cash register to work) I was quite relieved that Jillian would be able to do a LOT of things. Lauren immediately spotted a bouncy castle, so, she went there first while Adam took Jillian to these horses and swings made out of tires.

Isn’t this cute?!

During our adventure, Jillian could steer a “boat”, go down a slide, go on a hay ride, play with Lauren and just basically have fun. I was so happy that this day was success and we are already considering a seasons pass there. I think we’ll get a lot of use out of there since both the girls were so happy.

It really shouldn’t shock me that Jillian is doing “typically” geared activities. It just makes me even more proud then I thought I was. Jillian is definitely teaching me about determination and perseverance. That although some things are difficult, she is determined to TRY. And I couldn’t be prouder.

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