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I am the mother of 5 wonderful kids. My youngest, Parker, is a medically fragile blessing with Down's Syndrome. I am @ParkerMama on Twitter.

Voice4u is looking for a few good bloggers…..

I shared the story of Yumi, the creator of Voice4u, and her struggle to provide her son with a communication system. Finally Yumi decided to take the issue into her own hands. She spoke with engineers, therapists, doctors and teachers, and all of these people were able to help her create Voice4u. Voice4u. Thinking at…

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Spread the Word to End the Word

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I think this campaign rocks. What about you? Have you taken the pledge? Because together we CAN make a difference. So don’t forget to ask your friends and family members to take the pledge too. Remind them the hurt this word causes. Ask them to join…

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A Reader Question: Finger Chewing

I received an email from Angela who has a 5 year old cousin with Down syndrome. Angela refers to her cousin as ‘amazing and her whole world. ‘ Angela says that her cousin recently started chewing on his fingers to the point that they bleed. She’s wondering if anyone else has experienced this with one…

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Voice4u Winner

I plugged in the comment numbers to and the winning number is: #1: Barbara! Barbara, shoot me an email and I’ll get your Voice4u code to you!

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Helping Your Child Communicate: Voice4u

Parents of children with special needs know the heartache and frustration that often accompanies trying to provide their child with the services and care needed for their child to lead a healthy and productive life. Yumi Kubo is one example. Yumi Kubo, is the mother of a 15-year-old autistic son, and the founder and CEO…

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Making My Commitment

I was just reading a post over at Elizabeth Potts Weinstein. She shared a story about how after having completed a vacation tour of some park caves she came across a sign that read: SERIOUS DANGER. DO NOT PASS THIS POINT. Do not pass this point without a permit. Do not pass this point without…

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A Season For Change

I’ve loved my time as managing editor here at 5 Minutes For Special Needs. Raising the bar for how those with special needs are viewed and accepted by society will always be my passion. But right now I have to turn my time and attention to another passion. My family. Parker is one expensive kid….

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Activeion Pro: A Giveaway!

Imagine cleaning your house, and killing bacteria, with plain ‘ol water. Yup. Simple H2O. Can’t be done you say? Think again. The Activeion Pro uses cold tap water – and magically charges the ions in that water to attract the gunk on your counter, in your microwave, or even on your skin. One of the…

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Come Chat With Us In Real Time at

Almost a year ago I wrote this post about advocacy and building bridges between those who have children with special needs and those who don’t. Have you ever wanted to tell the world about your child with special needs? His hopes? His desires? What you wished parents of typical children knew and understood about a…

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The winner of our contest is: Sara Evans! Yeah! Enjoy. RoCkS!

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